Monday, 1 November 2010


I feel a kind of relationship with this lovely old "street art" doorstep
and I wish it was outside my own studio, but luckily it is in my hood
were to see greet thing like this. If you like to visit I can recomment
to visit our outdoor playground at sønder boulevard, were to play as
an adult or kid on a sinking ship, playing ping ping, basketball,
football or just having a relaxing time with a good cup of coffee
picked up from the dyrehaven or at bing´s.
My four year old son did the drawing and naturally I got inspirered
like I do when I see things this lady do - juhu!
The stribet tube schaft is a new design from me and it will soon be
avaiable in 12 new colors. More of them later on.

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Meyer-Lavigne said...

skøn post - lækkert sammensat - fed tegning