Thursday 12 April 2012


Ones again we went to Berlin our second hometown.
I always get so happy and sad at the same time, so much history
for my, I had my two kids there and builted up good friendships
and had a lot of experiences there for 5 years.
I love this city...


underwerket / Lisa Grue said...

Looks cosy, wish I had time to go to Berlin. But off cause I should not complain. Soon I am going to ICFF in New York: )
All the best Lisa

Miriam said...

Oh, I see! I live in Berlin since nearly 17 years now (9 years in Kreuzberg) and I still love it. But I also love Copenhagen that I have visited in summer 2010. Such a great and inspiring city. I could imagine to live there some day.

By the way: your blanket "twist a twill" (dark grey) lies in front of me, on my coach ;)

Kind regards,

RATZER said...

@ Lisa - NYC is also in my mind, I have a wish ;-)

@ MiMa, that´s very nice to hear from you :-)
Our appartment were in Görlitzer area... do you live in that area too?
I love Copenhagen as well, and it is also good to be back in the motherhood ;-)